In conversation with the writer Pete Brook of Prison Photography and WIRED.



This week we caught up with the writer and #phonar collaborator Pete Brook . He shares what he learned when he took his blog “Prison Photography” on the road and introduces us to Michelle Vignes, the French photographer who was the very first staff member of Magnum.


Prison Photography Cruel and Unusual exhibition: Why we made a newspaper and not a traditional exhibition catalogue: Buy the newspaper: My reflections on my first experience curating and why Noorderlicht has all the right ingredients for a world class gallery: And why, when Noorderlicht was threatened with cuts from the Dutch government, it was a hard fought battle: Michelle Vignes Good biography: Good gallery of selected works: Vignes’ photographs of the Summer Of Love: Gallery and words by Michelle about covering the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz: An American Vision / French photographer Michelle Vignes shoots from the inside ‘Bay Area Blues’ book: “Magnum Salad” Late into her life, Vignes collaborated with social activist artists. In 2011, with RIGO23: A tribute to Michelle by friend Melanie Light: Vignes realizes there is . . . → Read More: In conversation with the writer Pete Brook of Prison Photography and WIRED.


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