Subject to change (as always) but here’s where we’re headed :

Session 1

Orientation: How2, introductions, set-up (toolkit) – why phonar?
Seminar :  Why Phonar? (Jonathan Worth)
Technical Workshop: Audio capture on location – the following link is to Dave Clark‘s excellent technical resource “MultiMediaTrain”
From the archive: Sebastian Meyer talks to Phonar about his project “War Sounds

Task: ‘Sensory deprivation mash-up’
Preparation for next session: Please read this interview with Fred by Olivier Laurent for The BJP

Session 2

Guest Lecture: Fred Ritchin After Photography
Seminar: “Who are the new readers?”
From the Archive: Robbie Cooper “Breathing through your ears: Beyond Immersion

Task: ‘Unphotographable Phiction (sic)
Preparation for next session: Tim Hetherington’s Diary and Restrepo

Session 3

Seminar: New Media New Journalism : visual journalist vs photographer (Ritchin,Mayes, Worth)
Guest Feature: Stephen Mayes on the Tim Hetherington.
Technical Workshop : Audio for narration and post-production – the following link is to Dave Clark‘s excellent technical resource “MultiMediaTrain”
From the Archive : Catching up with Documentary Film-maker Adam Hopkins.

Task: ‘Spoken narrative
Preparation for next session: Listen to Nursery nurse Lisa Potts’ recounting a machete  attack on the children under her care in 1996.

Session 4

Seminar: David Campbell “”Narrative Power and Responsibility
Guest Feature:Carole Naggar on George Rodger (Campbell, Naggar, Kate Green)
Technical Workshop :  (thematic tool kit – see seminar)
From the Archive: Pete Brook (AKA Prison Photography) introduces us to the very first staff member of Magnum.

Task: ‘Transformative storytelling’ or #BTF ‘Reframing the Past
Preparation for next session: BBC Lebanon’s Missing

Session 5

Seminar : Case studies, Wasma Mansour and Dalia Khamissey
Guest Feature: Aaron Guy
Technical Workshops: Open Surgery
From the Archive: NY Photographer and Film-maker Brian Palmer in conversation

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #BTF ‘Reframing the Present’
Preparation for next session: Shahidul Alam “My journey as a witness”

Session 6

Seminar: Review and reflect on last week with visiting contributor Alan Levine.
Guest Features: Shahidul Alam and Sarah Davidmann
Technical Workshops: Audio for narration and post-production – the following link is to Dave Clark‘s excellent technical resource “MultiMediaTrain”
From the Archive: Travis Shaffer “We are all thieves”

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #BTF ‘Framing the Future’
Preparation for next session: Olivier Laurent on Marcus Bleasdale for BJP

Session 7

Guest feature: Marcus Bleasdale
Seminar: Discussion and reviews of work so far.
Workshop : Marcus’s task
One on one tutorials
Technical Workshop: Foley Sound and Radio Studio

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #ForTheRemix
Preparation for next session: TBA

Session 8

Guest Feature: Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald
Guest Feature: Multi Media Director Matt Ford in conversation from Istanbul
In conversation with Pete Brook of Wired and Prison Photography.
Open forum and discussion.
Feedback: Tutorials with JW.

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #BTF “Reflection”
Preparation for next session: The Phonar Pitch

Session 9

The #phonar13 pitch

Session 10
Live 09-13.00 GMT Wednesday 04/12/13

D-day, the big cahuna, lift off, le grande depart.

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