Moonbug Steve Pyke’s Astronaut Project


More photographer story-telling inspiration – my mentor and friend Steve Pyke is a great story teller in his own right and Moonbug by Nicola Bruce is the story of Steve photographing as many of the people associated with the Apollo, Mercury and Gemini programs as he could (ably assisted by yours truly). Here are three clips posted to YoTub to whet your appetite .

Al Bean

Pete Conrad

Buzz Aldrin

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#Phonar session 8: Pt1 Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald


This week’s Guest Feature builds both on the way we’ve been experiencing the classes so far and on the subject matter. We’ve considered storytelling in various guises , telling our stories and those of other people but this week there are two subjects and two practices but only one film.

The movie is about the Photographer Ian Macdonald but the movie is made by his son, the photographer/curator and now film-maker Jamie Macdonald. So its kind of a pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time exercise – please tweet your comments and questions to and about the work below, which is at the same time the work of both Ian and Jamie – the story of a story-teller.

Tag your tweets #Phonar (Jamie is @jamemac , Francis Hodgeson is @HodgsonF) and do a Phonar search on Twitter to tune into the conversation.

Shooting Time Loop-1 from Jamie Macdonald on Vimeo.


More links than you can shake a stick at:

Ian’s site > Ian’s Dealer >

Jamie’s site > Jamie’s Course >


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From the Archive: Guest Lecture: Robbie Cooper – ‘Immersion’

We were joined in class today by photographer and video artist Robbie Cooper who well and truly immersed us in his work. The full talk Robbie gave looking through his first projects right up to his latest ideas to develop and further the ‘immersion’ project by directly involving participants in the media making process.

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#phonar13 Pre-task

The following message is to attending students but applies to anyone who would like to study remotely also. While you are not required to have a Google+ account, it would be great to be able to hangout with the larger class and to have you contributing along with the attending students.

So…Matt and I are going to be pumping out the #phonar love from now on so you need to tune the network – you have a Twitter account already (if you don’t then please go back in time right now and make one at least a year ago).

If you don’t have a Google+ account already then you need one (I don’t care Hazel, just do it – Jenny, Jenny – put that down, pay attention) add us to your “circles” (Jonathan, Matt) so we can “hangout” :) Too creepy? Anyhoo follow me on Twitter (@jonathan_Worth) and Matt (@mjohnstonmedia), you should also follow #phonar (@phonar) for all the latest news and tasks – IT’S THE LAW.

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#Phonar Joined in Class by Chris Floyd

We were joined in class today by photographer extraordinaire and all round good chap Chris Floyd.

Chris’ work is in the National Portrait Gallery and has also been recognised by the British & American awards for portrait photography, the Taylor Wessing in 2008 & American Photography in 2008 & 2010. Magazines he has worked for include The New Yorker, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine and ESPN Magazine among many others.

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Guest Lecture: Travis Shaffer, ‘We Are All Thieves, 2012′

The guest lecture below has been recorded by Travis Shaffer, who, in his own words describes himself as a ‘photographer of sorts’. Travis’ photographic practice regularly includes the appropriation of others images, and data to be reworked in his creative process. This lecture is an update to one he delivered in #phonar 2011 and proved to be be an eye-opener for many students.

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Something for the Weekend: A Catch-up with Filmmaker Adam Hopkins

A brief catch-up with #phonar contributor Adam Hopkins, where he details what he’s been up to since talking to us last about “Trawlermen” and “Wild Things”

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