#Phonar Session 8: Pt2 Interactive Media Director Matt Ford


Really pleased to have pulled in this chat with Matt and very grateful to current #phonar student Alex for allowing us to sit in on his quasi-tutorial (even though the work is an early noodle rather than a rough-cut – he said I had to make that clear). There are links below to examples of Matt’s work which he mentions in the piece and don’t miss the awesome set of tips that just out in a big blob towards the end. This one’s a keeper.

Please tweet your notes and comments using the #phonar hashtag and Matt is @MattFordVI when quoting.

Matt’s Facebook page.

Vignette Interactive.

Here are a few examples of the video work we have done for Human Rights Watch: http://mm.hrw.org/content/egypt-mass-attacks-churches http://mm.hrw.org/content/egypt-epidemic-sexual-violence http://mm.hrw.org/content/video-dispatch-deaths-chaos-egypt Video and interactive map http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/06/05/syria-attacks-schools-endanger-students

Some of my interactive work for the Associated Press Responsive HTML for all devices http://hosted.ap.org/interactives/2013/syria/ http://hosted.ap.org/interactives/2012/egypt-elex/

Flash productions from a couple years back http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/_international/iraq_election2010/ http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/campaign_plus/races2010/ http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/wdc/killer_blue/ http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/campaign_plus/big_issue/ Tweet

#Phonar session 7


There’s a lot of stage nerves this week as we get to meet one of our photo-heros and hear about his work being re-imagined as comic books and video games – session VII is all about MARCUS BLEASDALE.

Usual drill – listen along, tweet your notes and comments using the #phonar hashtag, and storify your own global set of notes afterwards which should be augmented with links, photos and other materials pertinent to your area of interest..

Right, lets go to work.

Task from Marcus:

Tips for the aspiring photographer/storyteller/photojournalist.

- Don’t go to news events, find your own story. Cover the unreported and stick with it.

- Think about your style and how you want to represent your work.

- Don’t rush to join an agency, take your time, reflect, work out what is best for you.

- Forge real and sustainable partnerships which synergize with your vision of what you want to create and say about the world and continue to work with them.

- Work out how you represent emotion and relationships and that will create your strongest work


Further reading:






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#phonar Session 6


Its another full one so lets go to work -

We are in conversation this week with Photographer Sara Davidmann and Photographer, Educator and Entrepreneur Shahidul Alam of the Pathshala Institute, Bangladesh. Two very different practitioners but both continuing to build on our discussions around the gravity of the role of storyteller and picking up on themes brought up by Fred Ritchin and David Campbell.

Usual drill – as you listen please tweet your notes and comments using the #phonar hashtag and don’t forget to storify the global set of notes/tweets afterwards.


Sarah Davidmann

Images discussed here are at Sara’s website http://saradavidmann.com/

Here are the Storified notes , please make your own set and augment them with related links.

Shahidul Alam

Links for images and projects mentioned:




.. and here are the Storified notes from Shahidul’s session, please make your own set and augment them with related links.

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#Phonar Session 5


Hopefully its no surprise that there’s loads to squash into this week’s session – so lets go to work …

In the class[room] we will be dividing into two. One half of the class will be listening to the interview with Lebanese Photographer Dalia Khamissy on her work “The Missing” – prior to listening to that if you’re not familiar with the work then head over to ye olde BBC and watch #phonar contributor Benjamin Chesterton’s piece for starters.

Dalia Khamissy © All Rights Reserved


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The other half of the group will be listening to the interview with Saudi photographer Wasma Mansour where she talks about her “Single Saudi Women” project. Both groups will tweet their notes (please tweet yours using the hashtag #phonar and #DK or #WM accordingly) and when we come back together each group will present a precis for seminar discussion.

Untitled, (c-type print, 20”x16”, edition of 5 + 2 AP)

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David Campbell in conversation with Carole Naggar on Magnum Founder George Rodger



I sat in on this week’s conversation between David Campbell and writer Carole Naggar; they discuss her biography on Magnum co-founder George Rodger. From his early years as a struggling photographer, to the establishment of Magnum and about his photographic legacy following assignments such as Bergen-Belsen. Tweet your notes with the #phonar hashtag.

- Kate Green ( @KateGreen28 )

George Rodger © All Rights Reserved


#phonar13 Pre-task

The following message is to attending students but applies to anyone who would like to study remotely also. While you are not required to have a Google+ account, it would be great to be able to hangout with the larger class and to have you contributing along with the attending students.

So…Matt and I are going to be pumping out the #phonar love from now on so you need to tune the network – you have a Twitter account already (if you don’t then please go back in time right now and make one at least a year ago).

If you don’t have a Google+ account already then you need one (I don’t care Hazel, just do it – Jenny, Jenny – put that down, pay attention) add us to your “circles” (Jonathan, Matt) so we can “hangout” :) Too creepy? Anyhoo follow me on Twitter (@jonathan_Worth) and Matt (@mjohnstonmedia), you should also follow #phonar (@phonar) for all the latest news and tasks – IT’S THE LAW.

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In conversation with New York based Photographer and Film-Maker Brian Palmer

We’re delighted that Brian Palmer was finally able to talk about his work for #phonar – last week and the week before Brian was out pitching in to the relief effort after Super-storm Sandy hit his hometown of NYC and we were worried we were going to miss him but, we got him and what’s more we got a chance to be a part of Brian’s current project: how many people with the surname of “Hobson” do you know…..?

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#Phonar Joined in Class by Chris Floyd

We were joined in class today by photographer extraordinaire and all round good chap Chris Floyd.

Chris’ work is in the National Portrait Gallery and has also been recognised by the British & American awards for portrait photography, the Taylor Wessing in 2008 & American Photography in 2008 & 2010. Magazines he has worked for include The New Yorker, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine and ESPN Magazine among many others.

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In conversation with the writer Pete Brook of Prison Photography and WIRED.



This week we caught up with the writer and #phonar collaborator Pete Brook . He shares what he learned when he took his blog “Prison Photography” on the road and introduces us to Michelle Vignes, the French photographer who was the very first staff member of Magnum.


Prison Photography Cruel and Unusual exhibition: http://www.noorderlicht.com/nl/fotogalerie/cruel-and-unusual/ Why we made a newspaper and not a traditional exhibition catalogue: http://prisonphotography.org/2012/02/13/why-we-made-a-newspaper-instead-of-a-traditional-exhibition-catalogue/ Buy the newspaper: http://www.noorderlicht.com/en/shop/books/cruel-and-unusual/ My reflections on my first experience curating and why Noorderlicht has all the right ingredients for a world class gallery: http://prisonphotography.org/2012/04/05/some-thoughts-on-and-thanks-to-noorderlicht-photo-gallery/ And why, when Noorderlicht was threatened with cuts from the Dutch government, it was a hard fought battle: http://prisonphotography.org/2012/06/02/strong-words-in-the-noorderlicht-funding-cut-debate/ Michelle Vignes Good biography: http://galeriadelaraza.org/eng/exhibits2/archive/artists.php?op=view&id=638&media=info&name=v Good gallery of selected works: http://www.smithandersennorth.com/artists/vignes/index.html Vignes’ photographs of the Summer Of Love: http://www.summeroflove.org/vignes.html Gallery and words by Michelle about covering the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz: http://60sfurther.com/Guest-Michelle-2.htm An American Vision / French photographer Michelle Vignes shoots from the inside http://www.sfgate.com/magazine/article/An-American-Vision-French-photographer-Michelle-2491973.php#ixzz2B5uJXL25 ‘Bay Area Blues’ book: http://www.amazon.com/Bay-Area-Blues-Lee-Hildebrand/dp/1566405955 “Magnum Salad” http://prisonphotography.org/2011/03/21/magnum-salad/ Late into her life, Vignes collaborated with social activist artists. In 2011, with RIGO23: http://prisonphotography.org/2011/03/20/rigo-23-the-black-panther-party-in-portugal-and-leonard-peltier-in-syracuse/ A tribute to Michelle by friend Melanie Light: http://lejournaldelaphotographie.com/entries/8819/death-of-michelle-vignes Vignes realizes there is . . . → Read More: In conversation with the writer Pete Brook of Prison Photography and WIRED.

Something for the Weekend: A Catch-up with Filmmaker Adam Hopkins

A brief catch-up with #phonar contributor Adam Hopkins, where he details what he’s been up to since talking to us last about “Trawlermen” and “Wild Things”

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