#Phonar final presentations

Wow – ten weeks just scream by when you’re having #phun. This week we “pitched” our projects to the rest of the group and then presented in whatever shape they currently are. We knew they’d be sketches or first drafts rather than finished pieces (as most have been produced in one week), but even still the general level of quality was #phonar phabulous – I said we wouldn’t post the session as everyone was a bit nervous (and I’m kind) but hell, here’s just a little taster of what you missed – please add a link to your own #phonar phavourite (either your own work or another participant’s).

“Imagine if all the information accumulated within you, which forms the image of yourself, your existence, was copyrighted. Every part that makes up your character, your thoughts, knowledge and skills is being borrowed by the people surrounding you. Since the moment you are born you observe and imitate. We are designed by nature to evolve and in order to achieve this we copy and remix.”

Joseph Kesisoglou


Pixel Sorted Cory Animated GIF Pixel Sorted Cory Animated GIF Pixel Sorted Cory Animated GIF


“Memorias da Guerra” by Melissa Santos

“Becoming Me”  by Spohie Moet



There’s a whole bunch more that you just have to see and we’ll upload more but right now we have to attend to the post #phonarPubQuiz ….


Lets go to work people….




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  • mdvfunes

    Yes, but I think this is a more sophisticated version of the Gifachrome camera, David. I would love to know how it was created. Of all the remixes I have seen of cory this to me is the most beautiful. I have downloaded and viewed in photoshop – 20 frames but i cannot fathom how the glitch effect was created. It is systematic and purposeful. Even Gifachrome cannot do that yet! I am seriously interested in the how, Jonathan. Would appreciate a pointer to a blog by the author? Awesome work.

  • I detect the use of GIF-a-CHROME film above. Kudos to Jonathan for sharing his favourite new camera with his students.

  • Hello fellow Phonarians!

    Here is my final version of the Post-Photographic Portrait. It is, literally, a portrait. I went back on all the multimedia hubbub and created a simple panel of images, with audio to go along. Ideally, they would be displayed in a tight semicircle, but for the purposes of the internet, they have to be flat on the screen. Enjoy and let me know (via comment [include your email please], Twitter [@JuloPeter] or email [info@julianpeter.net]) what you think! http://julianpeter.net/phonar13-a-post-photographic-portrait-final

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