Phonar session 3

Apologies in advance for the amount of content this week – we only have seven weeks to go and we have a lot to get through so there are two “lectures” for this session, some tasks, practical top-tips plus feedbacks on last week’s and tasks set by Stephen Mayes (technically – regarding your CV/Resume, that means you can say you’ve worked for the director of the World Press Award Award and VII Agency – I do accept thanks via paypal fyi :)  Luckily if you’re following online you can spread the four hours of weekly phonar goodness over a whole week’s-worth of toast or even a whole loaf of longer.

Please tweet your notes and comments as you listen to this conversation largely between Stephen Mayes and Fred Ritchin , with a little jDub magic sprinkled a’top. This is the first part – second part to be published during the week .

And if that weren’t enough – sit down and get ready to be super moved by Stephen introducing us to Tim Hetherington, though if you already knew Tim and his work it’d be awesome if you’d add your thoughts to the conversation by tweeting with our classhtag: #phonar.


Tim Hetherington – Selected web links (via @StephenMayes )


WNYC: USA Public Radio features 2007~2011

Restrepo links


Restrepo trailers

New York Times Lens blog

A.V Club,42526/

New York State Museum

Santa Barbara Independent

ABC News

Guernica Magazine


83rd Academy Awards

Vanity Fair: Salvatore Guinta

PBS: Salvatore Guinta

Miscellaneous links

The Independent,

Mac-on-Campus: interview

Columbia Journalism Review


The Atlantic

Human Rights Watch

Daily Mail

Heather Morton

Indie Wire

Vanity Fair

San Francisco Examiner

The Guardian

Image Junkies

The Good Men Project

A Photo Editor


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