So long, and thanks for all the fish.

As has become fairly standard operating procedure at this time of year #phonar enters a kind of pupa-like stasis. During this gestation period the onsite class decide how they’re going to emerge and how they’re going to transform some of the momentum they garnered during the live ten week iteration. Very exciting …

Meanwhile it’s time to hand out some tub-thumping praise to a few standout participants who really kicked all kinds of #phonar-ass in all kinds of beautiful ways. Big shout out to Suren Makkar aka #PhonarBangalore – we loved your work. Props to Julián Péter aka #PhonarBratislava and huge respect for (I think) being the first online participant and maritime student to “attend” every single session and complete every task #TopOfTheClass and a LinkedIn recommendation coming your way. A very warm slap on the shoulder to the mysterious wordsmith Mr Peter Wilson – we love your storytelling. And a special thank you to the Ms Priyanka Ghetia for inspiring us to push further, wider and younger with our open classes – we hope you get to go to the university of your choice and trust we’ll see much more of your work in the future because you #Rock.

A whole bunch of people came to #phonar this year for the first time because Kaley Sweeney wore her fingers down to little dibbers syndicating the classes across the World Photo Org network. Kaley , we love you.

Thank you to the #phonar alumni who conceived, built and run HastagPhotography for your ongoing inspiration.Thanks to the amazing Martin Hawksey for his visualisation of the #Phonar Twittersphere, thank you to Alan Levine for flying all the way over from Strawberry, Arizona to take us to the next level and for your ongoing inspiration and end user experience advice. Likewise all Alan’s sidekicks at #DS106 and Mary Washington :) Thank you to our official #Phonar Chemist (#phonarChem ) Simon “Breaking Bad” Lancaster and his much appreciated support.

Here’s a corner of the periodic table you don’t normally see #phonar

— Simon Lancaster (@S_J_Lancaster) November 11, 2013


This year’s rockstars Marcus Bleasdale , David Campbell , Cory Doctorow , Stephen Mayes , Pete Brook , Carole Nagaar , Wasma Mansour , Dalia Khamissey , Sara Davidmann , Shahidul Alam , Brian Palmer , Ian Macdonald , Jamie Macdonald , Matt Ford , Travis Schaffer , Aaron Guy and lastly “Fightin’ Fred Ritchin” the hardest working man in Photography -  for allowing us to outrageously appropriate both After Photography and Bending the Frame , for helping write the classes and tasks and for continuing to encourage and support in every way throughout.

We salute you all.

Jonathan (the man with a plan),

Chantal (the woman with more letters after her name then in it)

and Matt (who lost the phonar pubquiz Eatathon #Fact ).



#Phonar final presentations

Wow – ten weeks just scream by when you’re having #phun. This week we “pitched” our projects to the rest of the group and then presented in whatever shape they currently are. We knew they’d be sketches or first drafts rather than finished pieces (as most have been produced in one week), but even still the general level of quality was #phonar phabulous – I said we wouldn’t post the session as everyone was a bit nervous (and I’m kind) but hell, here’s just a little taster of what you missed – please add a link to your own #phonar phavourite (either your own work or another participant’s).

“Imagine if all the information accumulated within you, which forms the image of yourself, your existence, was copyrighted. Every part that makes up your character, your thoughts, knowledge and skills is being borrowed by the people surrounding you. Since the moment you are born you observe and imitate. We are designed by nature to evolve and in order to achieve this we copy and remix.”

Joseph Kesisoglou


Pixel Sorted Cory Animated GIF Pixel Sorted Cory Animated GIF Pixel Sorted Cory Animated GIF


“Memorias da Guerra” by Melissa Santos

“Becoming Me”  by Spohie Moet



There’s a whole bunch more that you just have to see and we’ll upload more but right now we have to attend to the post #phonarPubQuiz ….


Lets go to work people….




A Phonar Post-Hack Thank You

     AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Gideon Tsang


Huge Phonar thanks to everyone who offered help and advice to get us through our recent hacking. All the special love is going out to Greg Milligan (left) and Matt Johnston (right) for waging all out war against the evil forces of SpamJackular and his minions.

Step 1 was to  literally plug themselves into the mainframe and go down the teletube and into the minds of the baddies to melt their brains with phonar awesomeness.

Step 2 Was to plug me into a holographic stimulator and then assimilate me into this website, which is why it appears as though nothing ever happened. So long as I remain alive and plugged in we are good to go.

I think that’s what they meant -  to be honest the language got a bit techy so I interpreted and rephrased for clarity’s sake.

Alridee then .. final week, lets go to work.


Movie made from Instagram images #Inspiration from #PhonarBangalore

Thanks to Suren Makkar aka #PhonarBangalore for this lump of remix inspiration and you can see Suren’s journey through #phonar on over on his Tumblr Page

@surenmakkar Came across this and thought I should share!#phonar13 #phonar

An Instagram short film from Thomas Jullien on Vimeo.



Moonbug Steve Pyke’s Astronaut Project

More photographer story-telling inspiration – my mentor and friend Steve Pyke is a great story teller in his own right and  Moonbug by Nicola Bruce is the story of Steve photographing as many of the people associated with the Apollo, Mercury and Gemini programs as he could (ably assisted by yours truly). Here are three clips  posted to YoTub to whet your appetite .

Al Bean

Pete Conrad

Buzz Aldrin


Session 8 Alternative #BTF task – Reflection

Session 8 Alternative #BTF task – Reflection

This is the fourth and final of our alternative tasks which have be set by Professor and Author of Bending The Frame, Fred Ritchin. If you missed Fred’s talks then you’ll want to go back to the lectures from the start of the class – they’re well worth it. This iteration of Phonar has been re-written to draw on Fred’s Bending the Frame so if you do these tasks then please use both of the #phonar and #BTF hashtags.


Source an image of the Coventry blitz. Ask yourself “how would this have been presented in today’s social and multi media environment? In what ways would it difffer? Is it better or worse?”.

Blog a 250 word reflective account.


#Phonar Session 8: Pt2 Interactive Media Director Matt Ford

Really pleased to have pulled in this chat with Matt and very grateful to current #phonar student Alex for allowing us to sit in on his quasi-tutorial (even though the work is an early noodle rather than a rough-cut – he said I had to make that clear). There are links below to examples of Matt’s work which he mentions in the piece and don’t miss the awesome set of tips that just out in a big blob towards the end. This one’s a keeper.

Please tweet your notes and comments using the #phonar hashtag and Matt is @MattFordVI when quoting.

Matt’s Facebook page.

Vignette Interactive.

Here are a few examples of the video work we have done for Human Rights Watch:
Video and interactive map

Some of my interactive work for the Associated Press
Responsive HTML for all devices

Flash productions from a couple years back

#Phonar session 8: Pt1 Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald


This week’s Guest Feature builds both on the way we’ve been experiencing the classes so far and on the subject matter. We’ve considered storytelling in various guises , telling our stories and those of other people but this week there are two subjects and two practices but only one film.

The movie is about the Photographer Ian Macdonald but the movie is made by his son, the photographer/curator and now film-maker Jamie Macdonald. So its kind of a pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time exercise – please tweet your comments and questions to and about the work below, which is at the same time the work of both Ian and Jamie – the story of a story-teller.

Tag your tweets #Phonar (Jamie is @jamemac , Francis Hodgeson is @HodgsonF) and do a Phonar search on Twitter to tune into the conversation.

Shooting Time Loop-1 from Jamie Macdonald on Vimeo.


More links than you can shake a stick at:

Ian’s site > Ian’s Dealer >

Jamie’s site > Jamie’s Course >


[View the story "#phonar session 8: Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald" on Storify]


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10,000th classmate is a CaliPhonarian



Dave Dugdale CC BY-SA

This morning saw our 10,000th classmate come by for this iteration of #phonar, just at the point where another (Cali)Phonar class opens up starting from session one (if you came by late you can follow along with them). That’s pretty amazing and thanks to everyone for spreading the #PhonarPhun – the astonishing thing for us is that 10k figure is only people coming to this wordpress version of the class. It doesn’t include people engaging with #phonar over in Flickr, Soundcloud, Google+ , Facebook and of course Twitter – where #Phonar trended last week – has a “class” ever done that?

HELLO! #phonar is on fire this morning!

— Kate Green (@KateGreen28) November 13, 2013


Right – that’s enough gloating – lets go to work – our current task is featured over on BOINGBOING


#phonar on the radar


Prizes for the best photographed #phonar merch placements – you can download @daisywarejarret ‘s designs here and print them out as stickers and posters, then photograph them in situ.

@Jonathan_Worth a post-surf gift from the beach #phonar

— Mimi Ito (@mizuko) September 29, 2013


nb- no androids were harmed in this sticking


Jerome, AZ. The cliffs behind are the cliffs over the town of Sedona. (thanks Cogdog for correction -jw)

#Phonar present in the #WPPh house. Not only in sticker but also flesh and blood @Jonathan_Worth #WPPh_RC #Change

— Eefje Ludwig (@eefita) October 16, 2013

#PhonarAmsterdam World Press Photo HQ

Laptop of @CathyCasserly Director of Creative Commons Global


Growing Phonar in Arizona , USA by @cogdog

#PhoamBath #Awesome




The Desktop and laptop of Author Cory Doctorow.

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